Marc and Lorenzo split already? Nope, just a hoax…

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Fast on the heels of their “wedding” in St. Bart’s comes denials that the wedding even took place. According to their rep, the pictures were just from a party and not a wedding party. Those two sly minxes love to keep people guessing. Will keep you posted….

Bi now-Gay Later? Real World D.C.’s Mike Manning

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The Real World D.C. introduced us to Colorado’s good Christian boy Mike Manning. Mike wasted no time in spilling the beans on his big “secret” that he is bi-sexual. How bi? Well he provided us with a score card-Girls: 15. Guys: 5. But: “Not sex, we’re talking everything, right?” Presumably this means he didn’t have sex with all said conquests. The funny thing is the scene most people come away with when Real World does the obligatory “on this season of the real world” is Mike macking on a guy on the pool table. We don’t believe in bisexuality in men. As Margaret Cho once said so eloquently, “if your boyfriend has sucked a cock, he’s gay!!!!” But we don’t believe in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy so we are pretty much heathens.

The thing we did like, is that for the first time, the member of the LGBT representative on the real world is actually the hottest one on the show and not some fey queen or butch dyke. Although we did get the obligatory hot black guy, who usually turns into the hot black angry guy. Only time will tell.

Oh ya, there is also a bi-sexual girl on the show, but that’s not really news is it?

***As Sarah Jessica Parker said as Carrie Bradshaw “Bisexuality is a layover to Gay Town.”***

***Friends in DC provided us with this update.  Mike may be bisexual but in DC, he was all gay, macking it up with guys whenever he was out including the opening of a new gay club.***

Celebrity Jeopardy- Our Guess: Who is Brody Jenner?

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Question: This B list male reality star who is sort of related to another group of reality stars has always been known for being a bit of a player. OK, a lot of player. BUT, his playing has always been of the heterosexual variety. Well, on a recent promotional, make me some money trip out of the country he decided to take the plunge and enjoyed himself not only with many women but also at least one guy.

from our friends at Defamer….

New York City tourism is down

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but only by 3.9% compared with last year and is now the most popular US destination edging out Orlando. We are so proud. Full Story

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone tie the knot (un)officially

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Update: Marc’s rep denies any wedding. The cake was for a party but not a wedding party. We’ve also heard something about this being a rehearsal wedding. We’ve heard of rehearsal dinners, but not rehearsal weddings. This confirms what we had suspected all along, the wealthy and fabulous are really not like the rest of us. Despite US Weekly’s claims that Stars, they’re just like us….

According to our friends, designer Marc Jacobs and his ad exec boyfriend Lorenzo Martone have tied the knot in St. Barts. We congratulate them on their nuptials and wish them long lasting happiness. We only wish we could have been there or better yet the wedding could have taken place in New York City, where both reside, and it would have been legal. Well we can dream….

The marriage coincides coincidentally with the Jason Preston suicide watch.

to see our recent interview with Lorenzo you can click here.

pictures via Stylexperts

V Magazine gains weight

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V Magazine’s Size Issue will be on the newsstands everywhere Jan 14 2010 and features this amazing shoot by Sølve Sundsbø. We adore Sølve’s work and applaud V for going beyond size 0.

Cat in the Hat (cake)-loves it.

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Our friends at Diverse Desserts recently made this cake for one of their client’s baby showers. We love the Cat in the Hat, we love Dr. Seuss and we especially love cake. So you can imagine how we feel about this! Now you don’t have to be Asian to eat cats. You can see more of their creations here.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex closes in NYC

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Let’s get it out of the way, yesterday was the day the music died in new york city, well at least Rock & Roll.  A year after its opening,  the Rock & Roll annex has closed in New York City.  Are we surprised by this, not really.  When you can go to a Hard Rock cafe and see this stuff for free, why shell out hard earned cash?  Anything that puts less tourists in New York City sounds good to us.

What Recession? Rodarte unveils Brodarte

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Rodarte, the exclusive women’s line, has ventured into men’s wear. Their first foray, nicknamed Brodarte, is men’s sweaters. These lovelies retail for just a little shy of $3,000 but for the discerning man, this should not be an issue. So if you want to look like a ostrich with peek-a-boo holes, run to Opening Ceremony, the only place in town stupid savvvy enough to carry the line. Honestly how does one care for these “works of art.” The wearer probably gets to wear this once before it becomes a puff of fabric and then ultimately a very expensive cat toy….

Casey Johnson RIP

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As you have probably already heard, Johnson & Johnson heiress, and fiance of Tila Tequila died yesterday.  We were friends with Casey, well at least on facebook and when we heard of the tragedy we went to her page to put up a little note.  The last status update from Casey was a little spooky, “Sweet Dreams Everyone.”  Casey was a troubled, but sweet girl, and we hope that she too has sweet dreams.