New York City In Miniature-Amazing

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You must watch this is incredible.  It just made us smile….

Lies Hollywood Tells Us-Best Group of singers ever on American Idol

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Believing the American Idol publicity machine is like entrusting babysitting duties to a pedophile, both will surely lead to acrimony and bitter disappointment. Unfortunately we still we fell for it. “The best season ever” “The best singers of any season.”  After slogging through 24 reaky performances, Idol viewers voted out the bottom 4 last night. Any surprises? None really.

Janelle Wheeler was pretty and blonde but sucked hard and deserved her fate. Ashley Rodriguez, though having a better performance, chose the wrong song and is joining Janelle in obscurity and future Idol trivia answer. Although we did like her incredibly shiny hair.

As for the men, Joe Munoz actually has a good voice and wasn’t that bad, but he’s not as cute as his competition and he also has an unfortunate little moustache that always reminds us of mentally challenged people. And finally we have had Tyler Grady. We have never been so happy to see someone go home. We will not have to endure any of his faux Jim Morrison moves and his screaming vocals. All in all America voted correctly. Let’s hope the remainder Idols can pull their shit together and actually feature at least one good performance amongst them.

And finally a suggestion to the contestants. Quit trying to change songs so drastically! It has worked so far one time with Andrew Garcia’s brilliant acoustic version of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.”  That’s it…once!  Is the same situation as when J. Lo barely wore that green Versace and became a sensation. Every starlet and fame seeker starting wearing almost nothing to try to mimic her, but none succeeded. Is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Not going to happen and as Simon said about Jermaine Sellers painful performance of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone,” verges on the stupid!

You will never see these faces again…

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

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Ok it really sucks outside but is still really beautiful.  Is actually coming down even harder as we write this….

Madonna and Johnny Depp

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is it just us or does Madonna and Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland” look a lot alike?  The big eyes, the ridiculously high cheekbones, the thin lips, the gap in the front teeth….Maybe we just need our morning coffee.

Alexander McQueen laid to rest

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Not much to say about this one.  Is the sad end to a very brilliant career.  Today Alexander McQueen was laid to rest.  A small private ceremony was held with family and close friends including Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Daphne Guiness.

We get our pepper spray from Christmas Central

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Maybe it’s the hangover but we just got a kick out of this email from Christmas Central.  Apparently there is a big sale on pepper spray going down.  Make sure to stock up, but remember pepper spray loses effectiveness after 24 months-who knew?

East Side Settlement Auto Show Gala Preview-Kipton Art

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Last night we attended the East Side Settlement Auto Show Gala Preview at the amazing studio of artist Hunt Slonem. Mr. Slonem has so many exhibitions planned this year so it is rare to have the special opportunity to see his artist studio! The New York International Auto Show Gala raises funds for East Side Settlement, founded in 1891. East Side has served Mott Haven section of the Bronx since 1963 and has a staff of 281, including full and part-time teachers, social workers and other experts serving approximately 8,000 residents from 17 locations. This year marks the 11th year partnership in community service with the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association which is the oldest and most-attended auto show in North America. East Side Settlement has netted close to $3.5 million over the past 10 years and the Gala has become a critical source of funding to help students succeed in high school and beyond. It will be held on April 1st so please check out where you can now buy tickets.

Others seen at the party include: Kipton Cronkite, Naeem Delbridge, Susan Kilkenny, Melissa Berkelhammer, Michelle Norkett, Hunt Slonem (the host), Jed Weinstein and Tia Walker.

Interview's Susan Kilkenny in the"Bunny Room"

“High Society” with Tinsley Mortimer

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Last night we attended the Welcome to Reality party hosted by the CW at SL Nightclub. The night celebrated the return of America’s Next Top Model as well as two new reality shows. One is called Fly Girls, and although we thought it was a return of those hip hop dancers from “In Living Color” it is actually about Virgin Atlantic stewardesses flight attendants. The other show is the dubiously titled “High Society.” The show promises a behind the scenes look into upper New York Society. While not intending to be mean as we personally know him, what the hell is Malik so Chic doing on a show called High Society? We will probably never find out as we have no intention of watching the show. We steer clear of these so-called reality shows, except of course for the totally brilliant Jersey Shore.

We are excited for the next season of America’s Next Top Model. (Are all CW shows ironically titled? as no Top Model has ever emerged from Tyra’s long running show) We can’t wait to see what new hell Tyra has in store for the girls. Tyra was in attendance and looked amazing and was accompanied by Andre Leon Talley who had a fur muffler on his head and was wearing what looked like a black satin couch slipcover. Do American women really take advice on how to dress from this man? The mind boggles. Others at the party included the dapper Nigel Barker, a surprising hot in person Jay Manuel, Tinsley Mortimer, Dabney Mercer, John Paul Calderon, Keith Lissner, Ariel Moses, Jasen Kaplan and bad girl Devorah Rose. (Images courtesy of Wireimage)

Cartier by ArtwingNY

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To view more images by Koji Yano please go ArtwingNY

John Hardy by ArtwingNY

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New John Hardy campaign shot by Koji Yano at ArtwingNY