Adam Lambert + Ke$ha = Desperate Publicity Ploy

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 02/22/2010

So Adam Lambert and Ke$ha were spotted at Club 57 last week and supposedly the meeting resulted in a make out session. Much like eating too much milk products results in gas in the lactose intolerant. Both smell, only Adam/Ke$ha smell of desperation, not farts. We think it’s fun to kiss girls but isn’t Adam going a little overboard? First was the Details Mag spread with him straddling a naked model, now this? If sales don’t improve he will most likely start dating Pink.

Shutter Island Opens Big-biggest DiCaprio/Scorcese opening ever

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 02/22/2010

Shutter Island opened up to a $40 Million weekend. Is not surprising since it was the only major release of the weekend. How often does that happen anymore? We actually saw the pic and enjoyed it for the most part. Although audiences who have seen “The Others,” “The Sixth Sense,” or “The Crying Game” will not be all that surprised by the shocking twist. We guessed it 5 minutes into the picture. The movie also would benefit by cutting another 15 minutes or so…

In other movie news, “Valentine’s Day” dropped a spectacular, but unsurprising, 70% from opening weekend. The sequel is already in the works (New Year’s Eve) and with nearly $90M already, it will easily surpass the magical $100M mark considered to make a movie a blockbuster. And despite the stellar cast, the movie cost a relatively economical $52M to make. So look for more movies with a lot of stars and very little story.