“High Society” with Tinsley Mortimer

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 02/24/2010

Last night we attended the Welcome to Reality party hosted by the CW at SL Nightclub. The night celebrated the return of America’s Next Top Model as well as two new reality shows. One is called Fly Girls, and although we thought it was a return of those hip hop dancers from “In Living Color” it is actually about Virgin Atlantic stewardesses flight attendants. The other show is the dubiously titled “High Society.” The show promises a behind the scenes look into upper New York Society. While not intending to be mean as we personally know him, what the hell is Malik so Chic doing on a show called High Society? We will probably never find out as we have no intention of watching the show. We steer clear of these so-called reality shows, except of course for the totally brilliant Jersey Shore.

We are excited for the next season of America’s Next Top Model. (Are all CW shows ironically titled? as no Top Model has ever emerged from Tyra’s long running show) We can’t wait to see what new hell Tyra has in store for the girls. Tyra was in attendance and looked amazing and was accompanied by Andre Leon Talley who had a fur muffler on his head and was wearing what looked like a black satin couch slipcover. Do American women really take advice on how to dress from this man? The mind boggles. Others at the party included the dapper Nigel Barker, a surprising hot in person Jay Manuel, Tinsley Mortimer, Dabney Mercer, John Paul Calderon, Keith Lissner, Ariel Moses, Jasen Kaplan and bad girl Devorah Rose. (Images courtesy of Wireimage)