Bi now-Gay Later? Real World D.C.’s Mike Manning

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 01/05/2010

The Real World D.C. introduced us to Colorado’s good Christian boy Mike Manning. Mike wasted no time in spilling the beans on his big “secret” that he is bi-sexual. How bi? Well he provided us with a score card-Girls: 15. Guys: 5. But: “Not sex, we’re talking everything, right?” Presumably this means he didn’t have sex with all said conquests. The funny thing is the scene most people come away with when Real World does the obligatory “on this season of the real world” is Mike macking on a guy on the pool table. We don’t believe in bisexuality in men. As Margaret Cho once said so eloquently, “if your boyfriend has sucked a cock, he’s gay!!!!” But we don’t believe in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy so we are pretty much heathens.

The thing we did like, is that for the first time, the member of the LGBT representative on the real world is actually the hottest one on the show and not some fey queen or butch dyke. Although we did get the obligatory hot black guy, who usually turns into the hot black angry guy. Only time will tell.

Oh ya, there is also a bi-sexual girl on the show, but that’s not really news is it?

***As Sarah Jessica Parker said as Carrie Bradshaw “Bisexuality is a layover to Gay Town.”***

***Friends in DC provided us with this update.  Mike may be bisexual but in DC, he was all gay, macking it up with guys whenever he was out including the opening of a new gay club.***

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