Stylemen by Eric Ray Davidson @ ArtwingNY

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Versace to cut jobs-Gianni rolling in his grave

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Ok you know things are bad when Versace is cutting jobs. We thought the place was a mob front for money laundering to begin with, so how can this be happening? Seriously besides on the red carpet, where Versace is brilliant, do you know anybody who wears Versace? Besides the Russian hookers that hang at Cipriani, we can’t think of anybody.

Two weeks after Versace closed its New York press office (turning over the reins to PR Consulting for U.S. public relations), the company has announced an extensive restructuring program. Approximately 350 jobs will be cut (25 percent of Versace’s workforce), starting in March and ending in June, with the objective to return the company to profitability by 2011. Gianni¬† and Donatella must be rolling in their graves.¬† Strike that someone just told us that Donatella is indeed still alive.

When in Rome opens this Friday

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We are suckers for romantic comedies and for those of you who can’t wait for the juggernaut that “Valentine’s Day” will be will want to see “When in Rome.” The film stars Josh Duhamel and Kristen Bell. We always assumed that Josh was the bitch in his marriage with Fergie, but recent reports that he frequents strip clubs has us thinking otherwise. And as for Kristen Bell, we think it was said best in “Fogetting Sarah Marshall,” she always looks like a “little bitch” to us. Still if your bored and have nothing better to do you may want to check it out.

Josh Duhamel by Rodolfo Martinez @ ArwingNY

Kristen Bell by Rodolfo Martinez @ ArtwingNY

Ugly Betty Canceled

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Today seemed to start off with such hope, such promise, then I get to work and read the news that Ugly Betty has been canceled. Although Betty straddled unreality (shouldn’t her braces be off by now, why do her and her sister get the hottest guys) we always thought it really had heart. We also really loved Daniel-Eric Mabius-constant cluelessness to basically everything happened in his life. We feel the cancellation lays completely at the feet of ABC. The show started off wildly successful, won America Ferrara an Emmy, but the show couldn’t keep its momentum with the long hiatuses and constant schedule changes. Good Bye Betty. We’re hoping that Henry comes back in the end and him and Betty live happy ever after…

America Ferrara and Eric Mabius of Ugly Betty shot by Rodolfo Martinez @ ArtwingNY