Fire Island purchased by a 23 year old??

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Well not exactly but he did purchase two bars, a restaurant, a dance club, a small gym, a grocery store, a clothing store, a construction business, a freight business, the community’s dock, and the only hotel in town. The twink’s name? Seth Weissman. and it seems no one knows anything about him aside the fact that he is from a rich family-duh. Anyone know him? Let us know. We want to meet him, date him, marry him and divorce him.

No H8 by Adam Bouska

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It seems everyone on facebook, at least the gays, are making their profile picture similar to the ones below to support the No H8 campaign. ( No H8 for the two straight guys reading this, is the campaign against Prop 8 in California which basically made it illegal for gays to marry) But we were surprised today when we looked at our friend Adam Bouska’s profile page and saw a familiar face staring back at us. It was Cindy McCain’s, daughter of ex Presidential hopeful John McCain. Cindy is indeed a Republican but obviously supports gay marriage. Bravo for her. We also included a picture of Tabatha Coffey who does some extreme salon makeover show on Bravo. Great job Adam.

Rebuild Haiti benefit update

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Our rebuild Haiti benefit keeps getting bigger and better. Recent additions to our host committee include Fabolous, David Barton and Constantine Maroulis. We are being sponsored by Moet & Chandon as well as Skyy vodka, so be prepared to get your drink on. And we have dozens of amazing items in our silent auction so be prepared to open your wallets even more than the $40 door charge!

Supima Design Competition featuring Coco Rocha

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Last night we attended the Supima Design Competition held in the New York Times Building. We came as guests of our favorite Mark Silver, owner of Factory PR. The cocktail began at 6:30 so we arrived stylishly (we thought) late at 7:15. Unfortunately not everyone is as stylish as us and the place was packed. We saw our good friends Cristina Civetta (I-d Magazine) and Louis Sarmiento (IMG Daily Publisher) and chatted for a minute before Mark escorted us out of the hoi polloi to our seats inside. We sat directly behind the judges that included Horacio Silva (NY Times) and Chris Frye (Bloomingdale’s) and had a great view of the show.

The show began with a little introduction by Katrina Szish and ended with Super model Coco Rocha announcing the evenings’s big winner, our favorite, Gina Desilva. Each contestant was supposed to give four looks and from what we gathered one had to be made of jeans and another had to be a t-shirt. The models strutted on what had to be one of the longest catwalks ever.

Our favorite line of the evening was when two plus size models featured in this month’s V size issue came up to discuss Pima cotton. One of our friend’s asked “are they supposed to be models?” We responded “Yes they are featured in V Magazine this month, they have a size issue.” We quickly added, “the magazine, not the girls”…

Photo courtesy of Style File

Do you follow Adam Lambert on Twitter?

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if you did you would be treated to Adam Lambert’s Avatar of him as, well, a character from Avatar. We must admit it’s kind of hot….