Supima Design Competition featuring Coco Rocha

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 01/20/2010

Last night we attended the Supima Design Competition held in the New York Times Building. We came as guests of our favorite Mark Silver, owner of Factory PR. The cocktail began at 6:30 so we arrived stylishly (we thought) late at 7:15. Unfortunately not everyone is as stylish as us and the place was packed. We saw our good friends Cristina Civetta (I-d Magazine) and Louis Sarmiento (IMG Daily Publisher) and chatted for a minute before Mark escorted us out of the hoi polloi to our seats inside. We sat directly behind the judges that included Horacio Silva (NY Times) and Chris Frye (Bloomingdale’s) and had a great view of the show.

The show began with a little introduction by Katrina Szish and ended with Super model Coco Rocha announcing the evenings’s big winner, our favorite, Gina Desilva. Each contestant was supposed to give four looks and from what we gathered one had to be made of jeans and another had to be a t-shirt. The models strutted on what had to be one of the longest catwalks ever.

Our favorite line of the evening was when two plus size models featured in this month’s V size issue came up to discuss Pima cotton. One of our friend’s asked “are they supposed to be models?” We responded “Yes they are featured in V Magazine this month, they have a size issue.” We quickly added, “the magazine, not the girls”…

Photo courtesy of Style File

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