Holy Jesus Luz! Madonna’s boy naked (NSFW)

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So we are dubious about this but think it’s pretty funny regardless. Remember that photo shoot Madonna did with W Magazine where she met Jesus Luz? Well a picture has just appeared online that is supposed to be an outtake from the photo shoot. If you put the picture that appeared in the magazine next to this one it does seem to be from the same shoot. What is shocking is not Jesus’s perfectly adequate appendage, what is really shocking is Madonna without photoshop! If this turns out to be real we are sure a lot of heads will be rolling at Steven Klein’s studio….

Rebuild Haiti Benefit at 1Oak-a brief wrap up

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The rebuild Haiti event held last night at 1Oak was a resounding success. The final numbers are not in yet but it is currently estimated that we helped raise $45,000 for Edeyo and Concern charities. Attendees included: Adrienne Bailon, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Nigel Barker, Terry George, Eve Salvail, Pamella Roland, Mick Rock, Wass Stevens, Maggie Norris, Robb Bleckner, Anthony Haden Gest, Thom Filicia, David Foote, Gillian Hearst, Christian Simonds, Chance Yeh, Zachary Barnett, Susan Kilkenny, Renata Merriam, Tony Mills, Stefan Dmitriov, Naeem Delbridge, Beth Shak, Danielle Thur, Suzanne Marchese and many, many more. Thank you to all who attended and to all our sponsors including Moet & Chandon, Skyy vodka, 1OAK, and PMC.

We will post our own pictures but for now just posting one stolen from PMC!

Another Night, Another Charity-the Prince’s Ball

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We hate to take away the focus from the awful situation in Haiti but we are committed to another charity on February 5th. The Benefit will be attended by the Serbian Royal Family-who knew there was one? The event will be held at Cipriani’s at 42nd street and will be a masquerade. It looks to be a very chic event and is being co-hosted by some of our good friends including Stephanie Newhouse, Anisha Lakhani, Peter Davis, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Michka Bengio, Hayley Bloomingdale, Kipton Cronkite, Chau Ngo, and David Prutting. If you would like to purchase tickets go here.