American Idol returns January 12th

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For some reason we skipped last season of American Idol, the first time since the show’s inception. We plan to remedy that this season and are really looking forward to Ellen Degeneres’s pithy commentary. Anybody who has watched her show has witnessed her ability to make just about anything funny. The new season begins January 18th, although we usually skip the tryouts, where we just want to cringe for some of these poor delusional people, and pick it up when the show moves to Hollywood.

Past American Idol contestants including winner Jordin Sparks (upper left) by Rodolfo Martinez at ArtwingNY

Robert Downey in Sherlock Holmes

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Although the big movie story of this past holiday season was Avatar, being Number 2 has not been so bad for Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jr. In just over two weeks it is at the $150 Million Dollar Mark and an 88% of viewers gave the film and A or a B rating which means it will probably have legs. Even though it looks like it is being surpassed by Chipmunks 2, the Squeakquel, it did break 1 Record. The largest Christmas Day gross ever, edging out The Dark Knight.

Robert Downey Jr. by Rodolfo Martinez at ArtwingNY

Courage Campaign-Televise Debate on Prop 8

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URGENT: Sign the letter asking Judge Vaughn Walker to televise the Prop 8 trial

138,248 people have signed (as of Friday, Jan. 8). GOAL: 150,000 signatures. DEADLINE: Friday 9 AM

The landmark federal lawsuit challenging Prop 8, Perry v. Schwarzenegger (also known as the Olson/Boies case) is about to go to trial starting Monday, January 11. The presiding judge, Chief Judge Vaughn Walker and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit are deciding on whether a pool television camera should be allowed to televise the trial, given the unprecedented interest in the proceedings. Judge Walker is encouraging the public to submit comments on the issue, and set a deadline of Friday to receive comments.

This is your one chance to urge Judge Walker and the 9th Circuit to do the right thing in the name of equality, transparency and accountability.

click on link below to sign up now!!