Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone tie the knot (un)officially

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 01/05/2010

Update: Marc’s rep denies any wedding. The cake was for a party but not a wedding party. We’ve also heard something about this being a rehearsal wedding. We’ve heard of rehearsal dinners, but not rehearsal weddings. This confirms what we had suspected all along, the wealthy and fabulous are really not like the rest of us. Despite US Weekly’s claims that Stars, they’re just like us….

According to our friends, designer Marc Jacobs and his ad exec boyfriend Lorenzo Martone have tied the knot in St. Barts. We congratulate them on their nuptials and wish them long lasting happiness. We only wish we could have been there or better yet the wedding could have taken place in New York City, where both reside, and it would have been legal. Well we can dream….

The marriage coincides coincidentally with the Jason Preston suicide watch.

to see our recent interview with Lorenzo you can click here.

pictures via Stylexperts

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