New Lauren Perlstein for Nylon Magazine

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Actress Sarah Hay (of the new show ‘Flesh and Bone’) shot by Lauren Perlstein for Nylon Magazine.

Nylon_SarahHay_152 Nylon_SarahHay_169 Nylon_SarahHay_188 Nylon_SarahHay_222-RT Nylon_SarahHay_255 Nylon_SarahHay_276-RT Nylon_SarahHay_299

New Greg Swales for GQ Turkey

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Check out this great new mens story shot by Greg Swales(in London) for GQ Turkey.GQ_sleepwalker_1_Y3A7940Text GQ_sleepwalker_2_Y3A8154text GQ_sleepwalker_3_Y3A7010text GQ_sleepwalker_4_Y3A7239text GQ_sleepwalker_5_1Y3A6933text GQ_sleepwalker_6_1Y3A7554_text GQ_Sleepwalker_8_1Y3A6880_text GQ_sleepwalker_9_1Y3A7447_text GQ_sleepwalker_10_1Y3A7380_text GQ_sleepwalker_11_1Y3A7959_text GQ_sleepwalker_12_1Y3A7831_text