New Advertorials/ Advertising campaigns shot by Niklas Alm

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 09/08/2015

Please see below for some amazing new fun still life work from our very own Niklas Alm! The pictures below are new advertising and advertorials for clients such as Mitsubishi, Manor Zurich, Coop, Systembolaget, Broom Blocks, Telia and lastly Nordea Private Bank. Enjoy!

Tarta_Tom 0001

VitFagel_SilverArmband 0016


Klotgrill_Grill_Grund 0007

Grill2_Grund 0015

NordeaLiggande_Grund_Skarp1_Mork 0002

Grund_Skarp1 0002

Tillbehor1_MobilSkalEnsamt_Knapp 0021

Tillbehor1_MobilSkalEnsamt_Knapp 0021

Ljud2_Iphone_Alt 0030

City_ZebraVaska_Ljus 0029

Fjallen_Skuggor_Lattad 0013

Style_VitMellanvaska_Guld 0021

Complice_Underkopp_LjusareInsida2 0005

NordeaSta_Grund_Skarp3 0056

Plockmat_Grund 0005

Skaldjur_Grund 0024

Skaldjur_Grund 0024


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