Shanghai Tang by Richard Bernardin

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 02/19/2014

To go with the latest Shanghai Tang campaign, Richard Bernardin also shot the look books for the men’s and women’s collections.

cropped_2531_1391504989 cropped_2539_1391505327 cropped_2541_1392370108 cropped_2545_1392370280 cropped_2549_1392370533 cropped_2557_1392370946 cropped_2565_1392371334 cropped_2569_1392371547 cropped_2575_1392371706 cropped_2603_1390447124 cropped_2605_1391505786 cropped_2607_1391507093 cropped_2611_1392372126 cropped_2613_1391505952 cropped_2615_1392372199 cropped_2619_1392372389 cropped_2623_1392372554 cropped_2627_1392372524 cropped_2635_1392373911 cropped_2651_1391505598 cropped_2653_1392602212

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