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Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 11/18/2013

One of ArtwingNY’s good friends has launched Reserved Magazine.  Please read about it here and check out

Screen shot 2013-11-18 at 2.19.22 PMIf RESERVED magazine was a man, he’d be the guy that the smart girls adored. He wouldn’t be a bad boy, that’s a bore – or too sweet either. He’d occasionally be hard to reach because he turned off his phone!  Seriously, so his dog wouldn’t be distracted while sniffing for truffles in Central Park.
If RESERVED was a woman, she’d be the poster girl for “sprezzatura,” the elusive, and illusive, art of sailing through life without any apparent effort. All the boys want her – but they can’t say exactly why. Silly boys. We know people like these. They’re invariably the most interesting people in the room. The pull of their personal gravity is powerful. They most always have something original to say. They listen well and even though their bullshit radar is honed, focused and military grade – they are kind. Real empathy is very attractive. And they are drawn to others like themselves. We love being around these people. So much so, that we’re going to devote a new magazine to the challenge of finding as many as we can – both as subjects and as readers! We’re calling our new bi-annual publication:
RESERVED  the magazine for some people.
The ether, once an elegant, shall we say, ethereal space is now jammed with less than high-quality content at best. At its worst…we’ll leave that subject alone. Well, as the guy in the movie said: “We’re as mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore!” So, we’re going to do something about it. We are engaged in a quest to find intellectually thirsty, uber-creative people as both readers and contributors. Think of us as a digital Algonquin Round Table, a gathering place for the brilliant, neurotic, driven, neurotic, interesting, and of course, neurotic – but in a funny/interesting way.
Magazines on art and culture garner a lot of attention these days.  RESERVED’s approach is atypical, quirky and smart enough to cause a stir in the industry. Boutique in nature, RESERVED caters to the needs of those special readers interested in an unconventional source for creative awareness.  A source that features and highlights diverse talent from every corner of the globe. We dig people with a lot of bandwidth. Our aim is to disseminate quality content on visual arts, film, boutique fashion, photography, music, writing, design and anything and everything else that we and our readers fancy, that’s just the baseline. Though we’re focused on the local and independent, we won’t adhere to any specific standard or format. Our kryptonite is boredom. We stand alert, scanning the horizon for creatives looking to contribute and share their work, be it visual, literary, gastronomical, or musical. The one common thread, it better be interesting!
Preview launch, A/W 2013. RESERVED MAGAZINE will be available in print, online and via For more information on RESERVED MAGAZINE visit or  or contact us at:

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