T.I. menswear campaign by Greg Swales

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 09/16/2013

Another great campaign shoot by Greg Swales for TI Menswear.

TIMEN_bridge 04_144 TIMEN_bridge 04_275 TIMEN_stairs 01_126_adjusted tTIMEN_bridge 01_211 tTIMEN_bridge 03_107 tTIMEN_bridge 03_178 tTIMEN_lookout 01_084text tTIMEN_Rooftop 01_01_197text tTIMEN_Rooftop 01_02_090 tTIMEN_Rooftop 01_02_426 tTIMEN_Rooftop 01_04_096 tTIMEN_Rooftop 01_05_316text tTIMEN_Sewden_Rooftop 01_01_118text tTIMEN_sweden_Rooftop 01_02_228

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