Esquire by Neil Gavin

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Check out this month’s Big Black Book by Esquire for Neil Gavin’s  latest shoot.  The shoot featured real men, some real hot ones at that.  Subjects included:  John Wattkiker (private banker), Robert McKinley (hotelier, designer, dj), Sean Sullivan (photographer), On Kee Bak Sim (industrial designer), Wade Schaming (artist) and Nigel Sylvester (pro bmx rider).

equire_for_aw2 equire_for_aw4 equire_for_aw5 equire_for_aw6 esquire_for_aw1 esquire_for_aw3

Lucian Matis campaign by Greg Swales

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Stunning new campaign by Greg Swales for Lucian Matis.

Lucian_jessa_7T9A0201logo Lucian_jessa_7T9A0283logo Lucian_jessa_7T9A0306logo Lucian_jessa_7T9A0554logo Lucian_Jessa_7T9A0639logo Lucian_jessa_7T9A0739logo Lucian_jessa_7T9A9932logo