Blue Valentine Premiere with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 12/08/2010

Last night we attended the New York premiere of Blue Valentine at the MOMA. The film has garnered a lot of attention and Oscar buzz for it’s two stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. (although we are scratching our heads at the NC-17 rating given) Both were in attendance and sweetly made their entrance holding hands.  Others at the premiere included:  Michelle Trachtenberg, Lance Bass, Peter Facinelli, Carson Griffith, Irina Shayk, Erin Fetherston, Greg Bello, Anisha Lakhani and Maggie Rizer. Harvey Weinstein made a speech and said he was flying to LA to fight the rating board-good luck Harvey! Although the movie ended quite sadly, the crowd was in high spirits for the after party held at the Top of the Standard (boom-b00m).  More celebs joined the after party including Chase Crawford, Blake Lively, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Logan Hoffman and a t-shirt clad Kelsey Grammar.  Special thanks to Andres Fernandez of Peggy Siegal.


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