Pacha 5th Anniversary with DJ David Guetta

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So Friday night found us going to bed at 10pm. Not because we were really tired, but because we then woke back up at 3am to head to the 5th Anniversary Party for  Nightclub Pacha.  We are so old we remember when it was called Sound Factory!  Despite the long lines everywhere, we were whisked from our SUV to the table awaiting us in the VIP room. We never saw DJ David Guetta before, but from what we gather he’s quite a big deal.  A check on I-Tunes top 100 find 3 songs he’s produced.  He had the crowd in a frenzy and we were glad to be one level away from the thronging masses (complete with glow sticks!).

Please Carola by Juan Algarin

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Upcoming Superstar Carola shot by ArtWingNY‘s Juan Algarin with hair by Jennifer Brent at BeautyWingNY.  Look for Carola in the new year to become the next supermodel.

SportWingNY’s Carlos Bocanegra scores over the weekend

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Carlos scored over the weeekend in a 2-2 draw with Bordeaux.