Hugo Boss Rooftop Concert with Robin Thicke

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 07/23/2010

Last night we were invited to the Hugo Boss Concert on the roof of the 601 building. These parties are always one of the highlights of the summer. Along with DJ’s Cassidy and Mel Debarge, guests were treated to performance by Janelle Monae and Robin Thicke.   We attended with our old friends Cleo Perry and Emma Snowdon Jones. We were guests of the gorgeous Ana Pavoni-the best hostess ever.  The party had a very private soiree feeling to it.  Loads of friends were there inlcuding:  Tim Morehouse, Mickey Boardman, Louis Sarmiento, Jaslene Gonzales, Carson Griffith, Nole Marin, Ward Simmons and Tyson.  Below are a combo of pics we took on our camera phone and some we lifted from PMC. ( Love to Chance Yeh at PMC!)

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