Bert Stern at Club Monaco

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Last night we attended the Bert Stern party at Club Monaco. We had a busy night and went to the Ann Taylor/Ace Hotel party before and the Carmindy/Stylecaster at Norwood after.  We were invited by our good friend, the ever gracious, Patrick Duffy.  Club Monaco launched their new campaign along with the homage to the famed photographer, probably best known for his Marilyn Monroe pictures. Others seen perusing his newest book and the newest fashions included:  Thom Rom, Marie La France, Ranya Johnston, Jesper Lannung, Kristian Laliberte, Peter Davis, Clint Spaulding and Timo Weiland. (All Photos Clint Spaulding for PMC)

Ok this is just gross….

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cute little teddy bear right? wrong!  it is made completely out of belly button lint! we are gagging…..