End of Fashion Week-Time to Party

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 02/18/2010

This has been an especially grueling fashion week for us. We started early with the Interview Magazine 40th Anniversary party and never stopped. We don’t have time for shows but did put in appearances at soirées for DVF, LA Times Magazine, Alice & Olivia, Rag & Bone, Max Azria, Paper Magazine, John Varvatos and others-way more than we can or care to remember. Highlights included seeing Guns n Roses live, attending the opening at Good Units and nights spent at our two new favorites Provocateur and Boomboom Room. Tonight is the finale and we are hosting a little get together to close out fashion week before we head over to Tommy Hilfiger’s party and the Spy Bar 15th reunion. (we adored spy bar and miss it greatly) If you’re not on the list we strongly recommend not going as we had to cut the list already due to the incredible response. We are hosting with some of our good friends including: Gillian Hearst Simonds, Renata Merriam, Peter Davis, Hayley Bloomingdale and Carol Han. Until next September kids….

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