Cipriani with a twist

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 02/02/2010

So we’ve been Cipriani fans for years and consider the boys and girls there part of our extended family.  So we were very excited to go view the re-do this past Sunday for brunch.  Cipriani Soho Upstairs brunch is now being brought to you by the infamous Koch boys, Derek and Daniel, the same duo who brought last year’s surprise Saturday brunch hit Merkato.  The space has been re-done and in place of the old beams and raw brick, you get slicker banquets with fashion inspired wall murals and a huge chandelier.  We are traditionalist so we prefer the old look but this may grow on us.

What was even more different than the interior was the crowd and the vibe that the Koch brothers brought.  Cipriani Upstairs has always had a more laid back vibe and over the years we saw everyone including Jay-Z, Rihanna, Eve, Janice Dickinson, and Eva Mendes in the tight space.  That vibe has been replaced with an over the top Sunday-fest complete with boys in sunglasses, sparklers on the bottles and exotic dancers on the bar.  We’re not saying whether this was good or bad, just that it was very different. Although in our opinion, sunglasses belong on the beach or on rock stars, and we didn’t see any sand. We probably won’t be attending another one soon but will be checking the space out on one of the regular nights to see what that is like…

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