Lady Gaga on Oprah Winfrey

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We missed Gaga’s Oprah performance, but heard it was amazing and had the big O speechless. Our friends who work at Oprah sent this backstage pic of Lady with some of the Oprah Staff. Our friends who met her agreed that she was one of the nicest people they had ever met connected to the show. We had no doubt…

Lady Gaga at Radio City Music Hall

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We love Lady Gaga and are proud to be part of her legion of “little monsters.”  We attended what was supposed to be her last engagement on her current North American tour.  That honor now belongs to Indianapolis as she had to cancel a concert due to illness.  While in New York everyone from Madonna, to Janet Jackson to Alicia Keyes has stopped in to witness what is one of the best concert experiences we have ever had.

Lady Gaga gives a rollicking show that is full of personal anectdotes and shout outs to her fans.  Our crowd included:  Gillian Hearst and Christian Simonds, Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone,  Cheyenne Jackson (currently on 30 Rock), and Mercy’s Michelle Trachtenberg.   Our seats were amazing (Thank you to MSG’s Lesley DiPietro!) but we are not quite professional concert photographers-as you can tell, but you get to see the many Gaga faces.  Finally all proceeds from the concert last night, her vendor sales at the concert and all sales from her website went to the victims of Haiti.  We are Gaga forever!

Betty White brings down the house at the SAG awards

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The SAG awards (Screen Actor’s Guild) has always been the bastard stepchild of the Oscars, Emmy’s and Golden Globes. We still watch it because it usually doesn’t give its presenters uncomfortable, unfunny dialogue to read, which is a plus. It’s more laid back than other awards shows and features both television and film actors. The awards are also only for actors so no boring speeches by sound guys and what not. The award is voted on by its 120,000 members so it is basically an award for actors by actors. Which leads us to its unfortunate nickname. The Academy Awards is nicknamed the Oscars, for television it’s the Emmy, for music it’s the Grammy. For SAG is called the ACTOR. As in, the ACTOR goes to fill in the blank. That just bugs us.

Anyway Betty White was awarded the lifetime achievement award in what was one of the most touching award show moments we’ve seen in a while. Forget Drew Barrymore’s faux dithering about how she didn’t prepare a speech. This was the real deal. The audience stayed on its collective feet for about 5 minutes. White was presented the award by her recent co-star in the Proposal, Sandra Bullock. After the audience finally sat down Betty quipped on how heartening it was to see such a plain girl like Sandra do so well!

If you only know Betty White from “Golden Girls,” (we know how you queens are) you should really widen your horizons. Betty’s career has spanned 6 decades and we personally like her better in The Mary Tyler Moore show, where she played resident slut and food show hostess, Sue Anne Nivens. Her bitchy comments are classic, and the episode where she kicks an oven door closed with her knee, after she discovers her souffle has fallen, belongs in the television hall of fame.

Quoteworthy Snooki of Jersey Shore…

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Snooki said she was hiring a bodyguard to keep fans at bay. The 22-year-old “Princess of Poughkeepsie” explained, “When we try to go to TGI Friday’s or Applebee’s, we can’t eat because people go crazy.”  We love that she eats at TGIF’s and Applebee’s, they probably save Red Lobster for really, really special occasions. We wonder how long she will continue to frequent such places when she is now getting a reported $10,000 a night for club appearances, is going to the Grammy’s with Ellen Degeneres and is commanding upwards of $10,000 per episode for season 2 of Jersey Shore?

Brangelina not breaking up?

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Even though NYC Daily News has now reported on the imminent break up, one person is saying bull, and claiming her reps are denying it.  That person is none other than Perez Hilton.  Although Perez has not really broken a story in years, we tend to believe when he does write something.   So all you Brangelina fans don’t start mourning yet.   We are sure this will play out for a good long time. We kind of hope they stay together.  The couple always look miserable together and we can’t say they don’t deserve each other….

Team Pitt or Jolie?

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We are going with Aniston.  She may be crazed and career obsessed but nobody deserves the years of torture she’s had to endure while watching her husband cavort with the whore who ended their marriage.  Go Jen!

Brad and Angelina say goodbye?

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Drudge Report and News of the World are both reporting that Brad and Angelina are officially splitting.  According to reports, the couple have already consulted with attorneys and how they will split their fortune and the kids.  What a shocker-right?  She’s been married two times and has a reputation as a homewrecker, is a some time lesbo and made out with her brother, while he has been engaged repeatedly (Robin Givens, Juliette Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow) and cheated on his wife-America’s then sweetheart-Jennifer Aniston.  Karma sucks kids, and that’s who we feel for, those 6 children that have to deal with their parent’s recklessness.  Ironic that gays wait years and years to adopt children while these two were able to pick up three like most of us would pick out a new jacket.

Holy Jesus Luz! Madonna’s boy naked (NSFW)

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So we are dubious about this but think it’s pretty funny regardless. Remember that photo shoot Madonna did with W Magazine where she met Jesus Luz? Well a picture has just appeared online that is supposed to be an outtake from the photo shoot. If you put the picture that appeared in the magazine next to this one it does seem to be from the same shoot. What is shocking is not Jesus’s perfectly adequate appendage, what is really shocking is Madonna without photoshop! If this turns out to be real we are sure a lot of heads will be rolling at Steven Klein’s studio….

Rebuild Haiti Benefit at 1Oak-a brief wrap up

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The rebuild Haiti event held last night at 1Oak was a resounding success. The final numbers are not in yet but it is currently estimated that we helped raise $45,000 for Edeyo and Concern charities. Attendees included: Adrienne Bailon, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Nigel Barker, Terry George, Eve Salvail, Pamella Roland, Mick Rock, Wass Stevens, Maggie Norris, Robb Bleckner, Anthony Haden Gest, Thom Filicia, David Foote, Gillian Hearst, Christian Simonds, Chance Yeh, Zachary Barnett, Susan Kilkenny, Renata Merriam, Tony Mills, Stefan Dmitriov, Naeem Delbridge, Beth Shak, Danielle Thur, Suzanne Marchese and many, many more. Thank you to all who attended and to all our sponsors including Moet & Chandon, Skyy vodka, 1OAK, and PMC.

We will post our own pictures but for now just posting one stolen from PMC!

Another Night, Another Charity-the Prince’s Ball

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We hate to take away the focus from the awful situation in Haiti but we are committed to another charity on February 5th. The Benefit will be attended by the Serbian Royal Family-who knew there was one? The event will be held at Cipriani’s at 42nd street and will be a masquerade. It looks to be a very chic event and is being co-hosted by some of our good friends including Stephanie Newhouse, Anisha Lakhani, Peter Davis, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Michka Bengio, Hayley Bloomingdale, Kipton Cronkite, Chau Ngo, and David Prutting. If you would like to purchase tickets go here.