Jersey Shore cast all back for second season

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 01/27/2010

The cast of Jersey Shore, in an amazing bit of shrewdness, stuck together-following in the footsteps of the cast ofFriends, and demanded a raise to $10,000 per cast member per episode. We personally think they deserve it. Doesn’t Audrina Partridge get about $100,000 per “Hills” episode?  Yet we know nobody who watches “The Hils.” Meanwhile, Jersey Shore has become a phenomenon. We think MTV got off cheap. Supposedly MTV made a statement that it was looking for a new cast. Basically implying that the cast was dispensable and they could get any other Jersey Shore wannabe and nobody would really notice. Well breathe easy Guidos and Guidettes. We can hardly wait to watch Snooki get punched next season, and we don’t mean donkey…

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  1. Dannie Overbay said, on 02/23/2010 at 10:15 PM

    Hey pretty good entry. Did you tivo last nights Factor? That is some great blogging material lol. Peace

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