Lady Gaga at Radio City Music Hall

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 01/25/2010

We love Lady Gaga and are proud to be part of her legion of “little monsters.”  We attended what was supposed to be her last engagement on her current North American tour.  That honor now belongs to Indianapolis as she had to cancel a concert due to illness.  While in New York everyone from Madonna, to Janet Jackson to Alicia Keyes has stopped in to witness what is one of the best concert experiences we have ever had.

Lady Gaga gives a rollicking show that is full of personal anectdotes and shout outs to her fans.  Our crowd included:  Gillian Hearst and Christian Simonds, Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone,  Cheyenne Jackson (currently on 30 Rock), and Mercy’s Michelle Trachtenberg.   Our seats were amazing (Thank you to MSG’s Lesley DiPietro!) but we are not quite professional concert photographers-as you can tell, but you get to see the many Gaga faces.  Finally all proceeds from the concert last night, her vendor sales at the concert and all sales from her website went to the victims of Haiti.  We are Gaga forever!

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