Betty White brings down the house at the SAG awards

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 01/25/2010

The SAG awards (Screen Actor’s Guild) has always been the bastard stepchild of the Oscars, Emmy’s and Golden Globes. We still watch it because it usually doesn’t give its presenters uncomfortable, unfunny dialogue to read, which is a plus. It’s more laid back than other awards shows and features both television and film actors. The awards are also only for actors so no boring speeches by sound guys and what not. The award is voted on by its 120,000 members so it is basically an award for actors by actors. Which leads us to its unfortunate nickname. The Academy Awards is nicknamed the Oscars, for television it’s the Emmy, for music it’s the Grammy. For SAG is called the ACTOR. As in, the ACTOR goes to fill in the blank. That just bugs us.

Anyway Betty White was awarded the lifetime achievement award in what was one of the most touching award show moments we’ve seen in a while. Forget Drew Barrymore’s faux dithering about how she didn’t prepare a speech. This was the real deal. The audience stayed on its collective feet for about 5 minutes. White was presented the award by her recent co-star in the Proposal, Sandra Bullock. After the audience finally sat down Betty quipped on how heartening it was to see such a plain girl like Sandra do so well!

If you only know Betty White from “Golden Girls,” (we know how you queens are) you should really widen your horizons. Betty’s career has spanned 6 decades and we personally like her better in The Mary Tyler Moore show, where she played resident slut and food show hostess, Sue Anne Nivens. Her bitchy comments are classic, and the episode where she kicks an oven door closed with her knee, after she discovers her souffle has fallen, belongs in the television hall of fame.

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