Dexter finale-MAJOR SPOILER***

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Stop reading this if you have not watched the finale and want to be surprised. Ok we we warned you. We were happy for the finale of Dexter because we just knew that John Lithgow’s annoying Trinity was finally going to get what was coming to him. We pride ourselves on being usually about two steps ahead of TV writers so we were literally blown away by the final scene. We have been bitching about how annoying Rita was all season, but when in the end, she was murdered by Trinity in a totally shocking twist we were truly saddened. We definitely did not see that one coming. Next season is going to be interesting to see what Dexter does as a newly single father. And by the way, does his entire family just have the worst luck ever???

Jersey Shore-I invented the freakin’ poof

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Ok you know it’s bad when 4 men have their shirts off and all we can do is look at their eyebrows.  We feel like George Whipple next to these landscaped masterpieces.  The show is arguably the greatest worst thing to happen to civilization.  We are expecting 4 Horsemen very soon…..

Give Obama a break

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Perhaps the greatest measure of Obama’s declining support is that just 50% of voters now say they prefer having him as President to George W. Bush, with 44% saying they’d rather have his predecessor. Given the horrendous approval ratings Bush showed during his final term that’s somewhat of a surprise and an indication that voters are increasingly placing the blame on Obama for the country’s difficulties instead of giving him space because of the tough situation he inherited.

We have our doubts, especially since President Obama has already gone back on his promise to abolish don’t ask, don’t tell.  But we think a nutless monkey would do a better job as President then Bush (big ups to Tropic Thunder)

The newest reindeer in Santa’s pack?

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We call her Titzen

Avatar Oscar bound?

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We must admit we really had no desire to see James Cameron’s latest opus.  The weird premise and the strange cartoonish look left us non-plussed.  But the hype surrounding the movie just got deafening.  Avatar premiered last night in London to wild praise.  It has been called groundbreaking and certain for Oscar nominations.  We are a sucker for puffery so we might just end up seeing it.  Stay tuned…

Sex and the City 2

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We were lucky enough to attend the premiere of Sex and the City the Movie and are hoping our luck holds out when the second installment opens.  In the meantime, here is the teaser poster that was just released.

Quote of the Day

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“I’ve been on the cover of 50 magazines over the last twelve months. Some supermodels are lucky to have one, and look at me.”

This comes from one of the biggest douchebags to grace the world since Kevin Federline. We speak of none other than Jon Gosselin. Yes Jon, you have been on the cover of 50 magazines, we can not dispute that.  But unlike supermodels you are on magazines with names like the National Enquirer and Star.  To hear more of his musings check out New York Magazine’s article.

Art Basel Briefly

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We meant to do an Art Basel wrap-up but the minute we got back we were just too busy. What to say. More parties than New York fashion week, more New Yorkers than the island of Manhattan and more champagne than is probably legal.

The Highlights? The Nars cocktail hour at the Standard, The Interview Magazine dinner, The Box at Nikki Beach (we co-hosted on Friday with Kipton Art and Whitewall Magazine), the cabanas at the Mondrian and EVERY night at Le Baron. The lowlights? the surprisingly spare use of air conditioning almost everywhere and the bitchy doormen. We wanted to go back there this weekend and laugh at all the empty clubs.

We usually take pictures like maniacs but honestly took very few this week. We are just stealing some images from the Interview Mag site. Is really just borrowing since the pictures were shot by Artwing’s own Eric Ray Davidson.

special thanks to Susan Kilkenny, Renata Merriam, Marie LaFrance and Ranya Johnston. Our Interview girls who made it all happen.

Eric Ray Davidson for the LA Times-YSL Corset

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Talk about hot!  Check out Eric Ray Davidson’s fashion portrait in this week’s LA Times Magazine.  The picture is a part of the Magazine’s “ist” list.  This shot is pretty obviously titled the Eroticist.

ACRIA Holiday Dinner wrap up

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Last night we attended the ACRIA Holiday dinner at the Stephen Weiss Studio. It is our last benefit of the season and it was an amazing one. We were guest of Christian Simonds and the lovely Gillian Hearst Simonds and shared our table with designer Jason Wu. The event featured an amazing silent auction of world renowned artists including Ross Bleckner, Julian Schnabel and Herb Ritts. Donna Karan spoke about the founding of ACRIA and the night was dedicated to Claudia Cohen, one of ACRIA’s founders who passed. Others seen at the event included Ron Perlman, Tim Morehouse, Jackie Astier, Patrick McMullan, Nicole Miller, Carolina Herrera, Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict. [All photos by Billy Farrell for PMc]