Photoshop Nightmares-Gaga and La Lauper

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We are all for photoshop to get rid of the random zit, even skin tone, etc…but this is just another example of not knowing when to say when. Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga look approximate the same age in this new MAC makeup ad. Which is not a good thing considering Cindy is old enough to be Lady’s Grand-Gaga. The good thing, all profits from the product they are hawking go to AIDS research.

Tonight on the Tube-Jennifer Hudson

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We adore Jennifer Hudson.  She’s not had it easy that’s for sure and we will be watching her ABC Christmas special tonight for sure.  Well we will be TIVO-ing it for sure and watching it in the very near future.  Nobody belts it out like Miss J. Hud

Dexter finale-MAJOR SPOILER***

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Stop reading this if you have not watched the finale and want to be surprised. Ok we we warned you. We were happy for the finale of Dexter because we just knew that John Lithgow’s annoying Trinity was finally going to get what was coming to him. We pride ourselves on being usually about two steps ahead of TV writers so we were literally blown away by the final scene. We have been bitching about how annoying Rita was all season, but when in the end, she was murdered by Trinity in a totally shocking twist we were truly saddened. We definitely did not see that one coming. Next season is going to be interesting to see what Dexter does as a newly single father. And by the way, does his entire family just have the worst luck ever???