Art Basel Briefly

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 12/10/2009

We meant to do an Art Basel wrap-up but the minute we got back we were just too busy. What to say. More parties than New York fashion week, more New Yorkers than the island of Manhattan and more champagne than is probably legal.

The Highlights? The Nars cocktail hour at the Standard, The Interview Magazine dinner, The Box at Nikki Beach (we co-hosted on Friday with Kipton Art and Whitewall Magazine), the cabanas at the Mondrian and EVERY night at Le Baron. The lowlights? the surprisingly spare use of air conditioning almost everywhere and the bitchy doormen. We wanted to go back there this weekend and laugh at all the empty clubs.

We usually take pictures like maniacs but honestly took very few this week. We are just stealing some images from the Interview Mag site. Is really just borrowing since the pictures were shot by Artwing’s own Eric Ray Davidson.

special thanks to Susan Kilkenny, Renata Merriam, Marie LaFrance and Ranya Johnston. Our Interview girls who made it all happen.

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