Tonight’s Main event featuring Leighton Meester and Pete Wentz

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Our social calendar has been ridiculously full of late but tonight’s event is too good for us to not check out.    American Eagle is opening up their flagship store in Times Square.  The event is being DJ’s by Mr. Ashley (I got kicked off of Melrose Place) Simpson and will feature a performance of that good girl gone bad, Leighton Meester.  We can hardly type we are so excited.  Check out tomorrow for our review.

DJ Pete Wentz and singer Leighton Meester by Rodolfo Martinez

Levi Johnston will not show his hockey stick…

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According to Playboy, despite promises to the contrary, Levi Johnston will not go Full Monty for his upcoming Playgirl shoot. If we were Playgirl we would have post-dated that check until after the shoot. Who is going to buy this now? As we all know gay men are the readers of the women targeted Playgirl. And we don’t know any homos who are going to shell out the cash to not see the goods….

Levi Johnston and fig leaf.  No Levi’s Johns(t)on.

Show us your swords

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So our two favorite Olympians Tim Morehouse and Jason Rogers (sorry Michael Phelps you lost us when you started dating strippers) have been all over the place lately.  Fencing with the President, on Page Six and the Huffington Post, at movie premieres, and filming dubious segments for Tinsley’s upcoming debacle.  We thought we’d show them a little love.  It is our one year anniversary since these suave boys have entered our lives and we are sure we will never be the same.

Jason and Tim duet at Tim’s Birthday this year.  Are those the lyrics to “Single Ladies” on the screen??? nahhh….


Neil Patrick Harris’s first tweet

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and he already has us laughing….

Ryan Brown and Lorenzo Martone open ARC

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Last night Former Elite marketing director Ryan Brown and Chandelier Creative’s Lorenzo Martone (who’s engaged to designer Marc Jacobs) officially (and quietly) launched ARC NY in their new Soho offices. ARC is a boutique talent p.r. agency for models. We stopped by to wish our best and spill some pink champagne on the new floor-such klutzes! ARC will specialize in helping models branch out into fields such as acting, singing and developing product lines. Their roster includes Lydia Hearst, Alessandra Ambrosio, Fernanda Motta, Julie Henderson and Sean Penn‘s girlfriend, Jessica White.

Lorenzo Martone, Marc Jacobs and Ryan Brown

Lorenzo Martone, Alessandra Ambrosio and Ryan Brown

Lorenzo Martone, Lydia Hearst and Ryan Brown