because we love you…

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we share this image from today’s NY Post.  It features some of the cast of Adam Lambert’s newest video.  We suspect the director is Rob Zombie….



Lies Hollywood tells us…

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The fact that the Hollywood PR machine lies to us all is no surprise. But every once in a while a statement comes out that not even they themselves can believe. We’ve all heard the lies. “It’s her trainer, there is no romantic relationship. He only had two nose jobs. He did all of his stunts etc….” Now from the people that brought you the Twilight series comes the latest. According to this week’s Entertainment Weekly, Taylor Lautner gained 30lbs of muscle in order to keep his role as werewolf Jacob. 30lbs! Does anybody out there realize how much 30lbs of muscle is? Combine this with the fact that he is no taller than 5 feet! 30lbs of muscle on a 6 foot tall man would be extraordinary. On a 5 foot boy it would be physically impossible. He would look bigger than arnold schwarzenegger in the terminator. So nice try Taylor, you put on 10lbs of muscle (completely natural we are sure-like sylvester stallone) but that just doesn’t sound as good as 30lbs does it?


Taylor Lautner doll. Is actually the same size as Taylor Lautner.