White, angry, clueless and probably closeted. Let me guess….he’s a Republican?

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 11/12/2009

So this moron, Jasen Bruce, attacked an orthodox priest who had stopped to ask him directions, with a tire iron. In his 911 call he originally said something racist and claimed he thought the 5’6″ priest was a terrorist. He has since changed his story and claims that the priest grabbed his genitals. He was so freaked out that he had to hit the man four times over the head with a tire iron before tackling him. Have we mentioned this guy is a reservist for the US Marines? Have we mentioned that these pictures were taken from the gay men’s site, “Mad About the Boy?” To see more of Jasen’s “model” portfolio, and doesn’t he already have the perfect porn star name, go here Fox News should congratulate itself-another mindless, steroided out, right wing nut job is created….we predict an upcoming porn movie with Carrie Prejean is in his future. How many fluffers will be on set we wonder?  Also what will his buddies think of his side job?



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