Favorite quote of the day….

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“one of the most unpleasant men I’ve ever met in my life. He’s called Sacha Baron Cohen. He was so horrible. I hated him. Wretched mind, with dirty hair and dirty new clothes.”

So says Nicky Halsam, Haslam, a celebrated English interior decorator and bon vivant, to this month’s W Magazine. We just love the image of new dirty clothes-so vivid, although we do feel bad for Poor Isla Fisher.  Reminds us of the famous Henry Higgins quote when he first meets Eliza Doolittle.  “she’s so deliciously dirty.”


Marc Jacobs makeover

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This image is  from François Nars‘ new 15X15 book. The book, featuring 15 celebrity portraits each inspired by a NARS product shade and based on an iconic reference (makeup and photography by Nars himself), will be debuted this thursday.  Marc Jacobs and Daphne Guinness will host the launch of the 15X15 project this Thursday, celebrating 15 years of NARS.

Picture 32