On Tonight’s Agenda-Jimmy Choo & Vogue

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Tonight you will find us at the JIMMY CHOO & VOGUE launch of Project PEP to benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Picture 17

Proof Katie Homes is still Tom Cruise’s prisoner

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Check out the latest cover of Elle Magazine.  Does nobody else notice the odd angle of Katie’s arm.  It almost looks painful.  Our guess is Tom is crouching behind her, well he probably is standing up straight, with her arm twisted lest she should decide to bolt.


You just can’t make this shit up…

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So you all remember Carrie Prejean. She of the moral majority and her support of “opposite” marriage while strongly opposed to equality for gays due to her strict moral code. Well it seems that in addition to her abundance of stupidity and fake boobs, she now has her very own sex tape. TMZ reportedly has had it for months and deems it to icky to run! We would love a copy to add to our collection (Rob Lowe, Paris, Kim etc…) Now Carrie has two options, well really one-Reality Television. She could do the whole Playboy thing, and then become one of Hef’s girlfriends. Or she could approach Ryan Seacrest and probably have a show on E! by Springtime. Our money is on Playboy.


No word on who her partner in the film is.  When she talked about her love of Jesus we thought she meant the saviour not some Latino guy….

Gleeks Unite at Borders

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We have to admit that we are a bit obsessed with Glee.  We are hoping that the premise doesn’t get stale but for now we are in love. Our I-pods are filled with songs from the show. We are official Gleeks!  (glee geeks)  Unfortuantely we were attending the Mr. Chow Anniversary party last night so we couldn’t make it to Borders in Columbus Circle for their CD signing but we do have some pics to share thanks to our friends at WireImage.