KiptonART Rising 2010

Posted in Uncategorized by blogwing on 11/03/2009

Last night we attended the KiptonART Rising 2010 Finalist show at Saks Fifth Avenue. We are members of the committee and therefore showed up to support a cause we lend our name to. We don’t think it proper to put your name to an event and then not bother to show up.

So who was there? Who wasn’t there is better question. We walked in and immediately saw: Kipton Cronkite, Zev Eisenberg, Tia Walker, Melissa Berkelhammer, Sebastian Bland, David Gruning and Stephen Keefe. We then met up with Gillian Hearst Simonds and Christian Simonds. We checked out some of the art work and then started the serious socializing with Anisha Lakhani, Sarah Basile, Ally Hilfiger, Ted Cleary, William Heath, Kim Guilfoyle,Martin Dawson, Emma Snowdon Jones, Anabelle Vartanian, Catherine Forbes, Peter Davis, Jack Brian and finally a disco ball tie wearing Keith Lissner.



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