Tonight’s agenda

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Tonight we will be co-hosting the Kipton Art event at Saks Fifth Avenue for the KiptonART Rising 2010. Others on the committee include: Catherine Forbes, Gillian Hearst, Nicole Hanley, Matthew Mellon, Dabney Mercer and Peter Som. There will also be an after party at the uber-exclusive Avenue.

SAKS & KA 11.2.09 final gif

Best present ever…

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We don’t really like getting birthday presents any longer.  We are older than we care to think about.  Regardless, we were thrilled when we received this from one of our favorite people, emma snowdon jones.  It’s a Snuggie.  For the record, much chicer than the declasse, slanket!  We can not wait for the winter chill to set in.  We are so thrilled at all of the activities we are going to be able to do while still staying snug and warm.  Scrapbooking, needlepoint and porn surfing are just a few things that come to mind…


Adam Lambert single….

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It seems the pressure of fame and guyliner were too much for Adam Lambert’s relationship with Drake Labry.  It is being reported that he is now currently single.  If recent gaylebrity break ups are any indication, his next relationship will definitely not be with someone who speaks english as a first language.  (see Anderson Cooper, Lance Bass)