Brit brit’s ode to multiple partner sex

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britney is back and bigger than ever.  she seems like the girl we first fell in love with.  not making a wrong step.  love the song, the video not so much but we still love our britney.  to see the video click here.

Anderson Cooper’s New Squeeze

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So we were doing our daily Page Six check and noticed a mention about Anderson Cooper. Anderson was seen in India with some hunk who is noted as an owner of the gay bar, Eastern Bloc. We clicked on the name Benjamin Maisani to see what latest piece of man candy Andy is trotting about, and were surprised to see our old friend Antoine. Antoine used to be a bartender at the club Baracuda and then somehow wrangled himself a piece of ownership in Eastern Bloc, and now apparently goes by the name Benjamin. Well if Madonna can constantly recreate herself, why not him. We hear Ben and Anderson make quite the pretty picture working out together in Chelsea’s David Barton Gym.


Yankees couldn’t get it done

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but we remain optimistic that they will be victorious in the end.  GO Yanks!


New splash work by Koji Yano

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to see more splash work by koji yano go to artwing

GQ Gentleman’s Ball with Ashton Kutcher

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Last Night GQ hosted the Gentleman’s Ball at the Edison Ballroom. The Hosts of the evening were Adrien Grenier, Ashton Kutcher, Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel. The event benefited various charities including Oceana, the Mark Wahlberg Foundation and the Pat Tillman Foundation and featured a performance by Akon. Others seen at the ball, Ashton’s cougar Demi Moore, Emmy Rossum and Chanel Iman. A little complaint. Mark Wahlberg looks great in anything, but when an event is listed as a Ball, is it really appropriate to show up in jeans and a t-shirt? A little effort goes a long way, just a thought.





All images courtesy of Wire Image

Tranny or New Pop Superstar? both?

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While others tell us this is real, we refuse to believe that this is the actual cover of Adam Lambert’s new CD. It reminds us of one of those RuPaul Drag Race glamour shots. Like a combination of Ongina and Rebecca Glasscock with a little Pierre & Gilles thrown in. We always wanted to use Rebecca Glasscock in a sentence. (check on the bucket list)


Lindsay Lohan’s latest bit of insanity

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Just when you think there is nothing she can do to top herself, she ups the ante. lohanpcntattoo

Lindsay got herself inked. Girl we’ve been there before, got drunk, got tattoos in Miami like a couple of sailors. But we kept ours simple and in places nobody sees. Try to read her arm without gagging, and we aren’t talking about the sores….

how we are feeling right now

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because nothing says happy halloween better than a puking pumpkin…pumpkin4-707878

Taylor Lautner-Serious Actor

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Supposedly Taylor Lautner is sick of people paying attention to him for his physique and wants to never take his shirt off again for a movie.  Because when you cast Taylor Lautner you are definitely looking for emotional range.  We are sorry Taylor, we saw you at the Highline Benefit this year.  What nobody knows, and you should be thankful they’re focusing on your chest, is that you are a midget.  We were shocked when we found ourselves looking down and actually crouching when we were introduced to you like we do when we meet children.  We swear if you break 5 feet tall, you are lucky.  So our advice-keep your mouth shut and your shirt off.  Is better for all concerned.


Super Mario does Rio

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Mario Testino is one of the best shooters around and it is no secret about his love of Brazil.  His newest project, MaRIO DE JANEIRO Testino, is a beautiful collection of beautiful Brazillians in various states of undress.  The full book can be seen online here. Enjoy.

Picture 9